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repair toolsHere is what to do if the driver’s side electric window fails to operate properly or becomes trapped in a position. Before beginning your fix, be certain to have identified the issue. Make certain the glass is not jammed from the rubber clogs and seals. Ensure no physical harm to the wiring boot into the doorway is evident. If both front windows don’t function, then the error is most likely not from the ECM aka the Electric Window Module. You’ll require the best soldering iron to complete this fix.

Disassembling the ECM

You’ll have to take out the plastic cover under the steering column casing then remove the ECM’s cover. You’ll have to have some skill with a soldering iron, such as eliminating old solder and re-soldering existing joints. The positioning of this ECM is exposed after disassembling the plastic panel that covers the fuses. The ECM is cut on a plastic backplate that’s clipped onto the side of the heater. Removal may wreck the plastic clips, but that can easily be corrected later. The different lower wiring connectors could be pulled off. Remove the ECM wiring plug to expose the ECM in the automobile; notice that the plug-in has a locking clip.

Repairing the ECM

solderingThe ECM is the printed circuit board with parts on one side and the solder joints and paths on the opposite. If these exist, there could be a related track burn or soldering mistake which may be repaired. A normal dry joint is revealed close to the middle and is the most frequent fault.

There might be more than just one dry joint. As soon as you find it, then it could be required to remove the old solder and then clean it up until re-soldering the joint using a flux-cored solder. Re-assemble the ECM and give it a try by simply plugging it back. When the ECM functions match it back into place, with a tie-wrap when the backplate clips have died.

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